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  Shu Hwa Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 1977, specializes in alarm、intrusion、access control、CCTV system installation and maintenance. We have over 120 staff in 3 branches and 18 service centers to serve our clients with customized lease and sale programs.
  Shu Hwa Electronic Co., Ltd. Specialize in the development and production of security integration, and is a leading company of the industry in Taiwan. We offer warranty and maintenance.
  Since it is founded for more than 30 years, its computerized alarm system has established the auto reporting system in all police stations across Taiwan. There are currently about 30,000 users, including banks, post offices, Farmers’ and Fishermen’s Associations, gas stations, jewelry shops, pawnshops, judicial officials, governmental senior officers, public representatives, chain stores, hospitals, clinics, companies, private houses, etc. We have been a major contributor to public security nationwide.